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The Bottleless Water Cooler Professionals

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Founded upon a core set of values and uncompromising quality we have set ourselves apart from other companies.

Combined with the highest performance and technologically, along with our advanced bottleless water cooler systems, you will never have to deal with the high cost of shipping, the hassle of sanitizing cooler bottles or the negative environmental impact of bottled water delivery services again.


Think Outside the Bottle

AquaTechniques is more than a bottleless water cooler provider. We are committed to agreen environment as well as quality throughout our facility. Our installation technicians are trained and certified under the guidelines of the Water Quality Association and our sales representatives and customer service team are just a phone call away!

We are experts in the industry serving New York and the tri-state area. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and value our clientele.

We have grown to be one of the largest point-of-use bottleless water cooler companies in the tri-state area. Providin dedication to customer satisfaction, over two decades of service and socially commited environmental beliefs.

Don’t just take our word for it, call us at (800) 696-7873 and see for yourself with our one week free-trial offer. Make a change for the better for your quality of life, and for the planet.

We are the bottleless water cooler professionals


  I am writing to let you know how happy we are with AquaTechniqes. Since your system has been installed at our seven sites there have been no issues. The machines run with absolotely no problems and the water quality is excellent. It is such a vast improvement over the last vendor we employed.


— Jason B.

    It is wonderful to have a service provider I can depend on and recommend in a heartbeat.  

— Denise Z.
    We couldn't be happier with the level of service we've received. Service calls are responded within 24-48 hours.  

— Mathew C.